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How to create a website ?


How to build a site? Is it possible to build a website without programming? Yes. In Session01: How to create a website, we are going to teach you how to design design your site from A to Z.

In any period, business methods will change according to the needs of society. These days, when everyone deals with mobile phones and computers, people naturally search the name of the desired product in Google to buy a specific product. They are sure of the quality and price of the product and then they will most likely make their purchase online.

Why is it necessary to build a website?

The website makes it easier for you to communicate with your customers, you can sell your products and services 24/7, you don’t need to be at work all the time.

The income of this method is very high. According to business experts, if you want to make money when you are sleeping, you must have a website. Well, if you plan to start training for free, continue reading this article and get to know the basic steps of creating an internet website.

How to build a site?

In this tutorial, we are going to explain to you the steps of setting up a website. We will even introduce to you the appropriate and practical items that most website designers use to set up a website.

Here we elaborate how to build your site from scratch. After going through the steps mentioned here, you can easily launch your site.

To set up a website, we need a few main components; We will examine these components one by one. Then we will teach you how to set up a site practically and manage it with the WordPress content management system.

You can set up your website on localhost and then publish it online. if you want to learn more about this subject you can check our tutorial on  “How to Install WordPress on XAMPP” or “How to Install WordPress on Cpanel“.

What is a domain?

In response to the question of how to build a website, you should know that the first step to having a website is choosing a name suitable for the activity and buying a domain.

On the Internet, your website must have a unique address so that your customers can access your website by entering it in their browser. Domain is actually a specific name that each website takes to be different and accessible from other websites.

nirwp domain

So, you should try to choose a name for your site that is easy to understand for site users, they can easily learn it and search for your site name without any trouble, because in the future this name will be the brand name of your business.

The name you choose for your site has a prefix (www) and a suffix (e.g. net, com, org). Therefore, the first part of each domain is www, the second part is the domain name (the same as the site name), and the third part is the subject extension of the domain.

The best domain extension

It is interesting to know that most two-letter domains are actually abbreviations of country names (for example, .uk is the abbreviation of United Kingdom or us is the abbreviation of United States).

Domain name

Domain name

The domain extension actually indicates the type and context of your site’s activity. For example, the suffix net means that your site is a network website, or the suffix com, which stands for commerce, means a commercial site.

For example, if you have a company site, it is better to use .com extension. Of course, .com means Commercial, not Company!

But pay attention to this point; The domain you choose should be in harmony with the subject and content of your site, because this will affect the site’s SEO. Choosing a domain suitable for the site can increase the SEO of the site and make your site gain more credibility with Google.

Register the appropriate domain

To get the answer to the question of How to create a website , before anything else, you need to register a suitable domain for yourself.

The thing you should pay attention to is that the domains are private, so before registering your domain, you should make sure that the domain you are looking for is empty. They are purchased annually.

For example, you buy a domain for a period of one or more years, after the end of this period, if you don’t renew your domain again, others can take over this domain.

The best domain extension

New domain names can cost anywhere between $10-$20 dollars, although a preregistered domain will be more expensive. The cost of domains depends on how popular they are, although it’s worth shopping around to make sure you get the lowest price.

Domain registrars like Domain.com or GoDaddy could have wildly different prices for the same domain name!

What is a host?

We can compare the host exactly to a shop space. The shop space includes the space for all the goods and services that you show to the customers of the shop. The host also contains exactly the content that you can display to site visitors.

What is a host

What is a host

This content can include the text you are reading right now, the form or image you saw at the beginning of this article, or the video you will see on our site.

This information is located on the hard drive of a powerful computer that is always connected to the Internet and always on, and we can access this information using the domain.



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