Terms of services

Terms of service

 This Agreement is legally binding between you, the person using Nirwp Site, and Nirwp. Terms such as “we,” “our” and “us” refer to Nirwp. Based on this page, all users and individuals who use Nirwp website and its presented services are subject to this agreement.

The user confirms this agreement by purchasing the product from the website, and there is no need to obtain a physical signature from the user to ensure the below. Purchasing from the website constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth on this page.

The parties to the contract are the customer, which is abbreviated in this contract as the customer, and the Nirwp website with the address nirwp.com, which is called Nirwp for short.

Purchasing from the Nirwp website means accepting the rules and regulations.


Article 1: Definitions

1-1: Nirwp (Website): Nirwp website with the domain address nirwp.com through which the user will purchase products. All website purchases are made through this domain, and after-sales service and support will include customers who use this address for their purchases.

1-2: Customer (user): A person or company purchasing from Nirwp and paying for a product or service.

1-3: Products: Includes all services and digital files available on the Nirwp, purchased online by the customer.

1-4: License: A license to use products provided to the user by purchasing from the website will allow the user to use the purchased product.

1-6: Support: Nirwp Support Department will answer users’ questions and problems through email. This department will be responsible for customers 24/7.


Article 2: Subject of website activity

2-1: Nirwp operates in WordPress content management systems, training to earn money from the Internet and online marketing.


Article 3: Account and privacy

3-1: Nirwp membership is entirely free, and registration on the website or any use of the website services will require a thorough study of the rules and regulations of this page.

3-2: Each person will register using their personal information and identity on the Nirwp website. Nirwp will not be held responsible for providing incorrect information when registering.

3-3: If a person registers or makes a purchase with fake information on the website, Nirwp is obliged to block the user account and not be responsible for the customer’s payment.

3-4: All user information will be protected by Nirwp. Nirwp is obliged to keep the data safe and use the best possible tools to ensure the security of users’ information.

3-5: It is against the law to sell and publish Nirwp products on other websites and social networks or share the purchased product with other people.

3-6: The user will not copy or share products purchased through online and offline methods directly or through intermediaries. If observed, the wrong account will be blocked.

3-7: The user is fully responsible for his account information such as email, username, and password, and in case of providing information to another person and unauthorized use of the user panel, Nirwp will not be responsible.


Article 4: Intellectual and content ownership

4-1: Any copying, using, or reproduction of the design, content, website content, images, or the logo of the Nirwp website is against intellectual property laws, and if observed, the matter will be pursued through legal authorities.

4-2: Nirwp will do its best to improve and update the pages and content of the website and can freely change or make the content, products, and pages of the website inaccessible. This action does not give the user the objection right.  


Article 5: Product License

5-1: Each license can only be activated on one website.

5-2: There is no restriction on changing the domain license. The customer can disable previous websites and change the licensed domain from the Nirwp user panel.

5-3: It is impossible to use a standard license code on different subdomains and subfolders on the same domain.

5.4: There is no limit to the number of licenses installed on a localhost system, and you can run products indefinitely on localhost.

5-5: The educational products of the site have a licensing system. The purchased license will be implemented by only one person and one device. Each license can only be run on a Windows, Mac, or Android device, and after activating the license on one device, it will not be possible to activate it on other devices.


Article 6: Product Support

6-1: Support for all products through the dedicated support system available in the customer user panel.

6-2: Nirwp support team will answer your questions and problems about the purchased products.

6-3: Only one website will be supported for each license purchased.

6-4: The purchased template or plugin may not be compatible with other plugins and templates used on your website. Nirwp will not be responsible for personalizing the product for the customer or solving problems of product interaction with different templates and plugins.

6-5: Nirwp is obliged to solve the problems of incompatibility of the provided template and plugin with the latest version of WordPress, and the product can be run on basic WordPress.

6-6: To solve the problem, the customer must provide the login information to the support team. The required information includes login information of the WordPress admin panel and, in some cases, the hosting control panel.

6-7: Users who use web hosting services with low resources or hosting services incompatible with WordPress will face problems, in which case the user will be informed through the support department, stating the exact reason to replace the hosting. Or send a request to restructure the server to your hosting company.

6-8: Nirwp products are presented to the user in digital files. Digital products may interfere with newer versions of WordPress in the future or be removed from the website due to problems.

6-9: The length of support and receiving updates for templates and plugins is 6 months, and after this period, the user can use the product update and support again by renewing the license.

6-10: The support length for educational products is 6 months after purchasing the training course.


Article 7: Money back guarantee

7-1: Money back guarantee is valid for up to 30 days after purchasing the product, and after this period, it is not possible to return the money.

7-2: If the purchased product does not comply with the description of the product page and the features mentioned in the product introduction, the customer can use the 100% money-back guarantee.

7-3: The customer must carefully study and review the product information before purchasing, and if there is a demo, view the online preview of the product. The provided file will be strictly by the product preview, and the absence of customer features that are not mentioned in the product description will not include a refund.

7-4: Educational products Refund of 7-day training courses is possible if the content taught in the course does not match the topics and explanations provided on the website.

7-5: Educational products have a statistical system, and a money-back guarantee is provided that no more than 20% of the course content is downloaded. Otherwise, it is not possible to return the money.


Article 8: Force majeure

8-1: Since the files of the Nirwp website are provided to the user digitally, it should be noted that the user should always download the purchased files in case of force majeure and unavoidable events such as floods, earthquakes, and natural items in the location of the team or the data center host of the site information, there is no problem in accessing the purchased file. Obviously, in such a situation, it will not be possible to provide services to the user.


Article 9: Amendments to the Agreement

9-1: Nirwp reserves the right to make any changes or changes to this agreement. The buyer should always follow this page and its items to be informed about the new rules.