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WordPress plugins add new features to WordPress sites and also help us to create advanced sites with the features they have.
We have many plugins in WordPress, some of which are free and some of which are more advanced, non-free and paid.
On the nirwp site, there are wonderful plugins from free to paid, all of which have many features and transform your site, such as the user panel plugin, which, in addition to improving the user panel of your site’s users, makes the site more interactive with users, and the support Tickets plugin are great for communicating with users and providing product support.
The nirwp team has coded these products with 13 years of experience in the field of WordPress coding and has added good features to its plugins based on the needs of users and site administrators.
All WordPress plugins on our site have a 7-day trial that you can download and install the plugin on your site and check its features.

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    • A Beautiful and Flexible User Panel
    • SMS-based Login, Registration, and Password Recovery System
    • Notification and Messaging system
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    • Full coordination with Woocommerce
    • Ability to set a support time limit
    • Ability to limit the number of tickets
    • Beautiful and simple user interface