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Aside from news websites, almost all websites of the world require a support system, do you agree?

The reason is that the purpose behind establishing a website is expanding relations with users, offering products, and naturally, supporting them in the future.



So we have agreed that using a support plugin is a must for every website, even yours, dear friend .

Well! The question that arises now is what features should a good support plugin have?

To respond this question, I will tell you about our support and ticket plugins’ features; see for yourself if the features are sufficient!

The ability to define infinite departments

If your website needs various sections (such as sales, support, management, etc.) you need not worry at all; our WordPress support plugin is ready to meet your requirements.


The ability to define infinite representatives

We will still be by your side if you need to add various representatives to your team.


Complete accordance with WooCommerce

If you want the user to select the product they have bought when sending a ticket, or only buying customers to be able to send tickets… we are still here for you!


Prepared answers

Many of users’ questions are repetitive, so the answers will be the same. The solution is to build a prepared answer so that you can answer such tickets in one click and not waste too much time typing


Searching the tickets

Whenever you need to create a ticket based on ID or a subject, perform a search in a jiffy!


All sections being AJAX and therefore doubly beautiful

We have developed AJAX in all sections resulting in better appearance of sending tickets, searching tickets, etc. which means efficiency alongside beauty for your sake.


Floating support icon on the website

You could select a custom icon in the plugin settings to float in the corner of the web page and remind your users that you have a support system and care about them!



  • Unlimited Tickets
  • Unlimited Agents
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Departments
  • Unlimited Pre answer
  • Agents can create tickets on behalf of users
  • Agents can view only their tickets or all tickets
  • Agents can receive e-mail notifications by email for ticket events such as new ticket, reply to ticket etc.
  • Users can receive e-mail notifications by email for ticket events such as new ticket, reply to ticket etc.
  • And …

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  • Shentaweb

    Hello, we are using your nirweb support free plugin. But there are a few problems; Support Request menu in Woocommerce customer account panel leads to 404 error. Also the my-tickets page appears blank. How can we find a solution for this issue?

    • NirWP team

      Hello, You have to set your permalink settings on Post Name and save the changes.

Last updated on 06/20/2023
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