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  • Full coordination with Woocommerce
  • Ability to set a support time limit
  • Ability to limit the number of tickets
  • Beautiful and simple user interface

 Having a strong support system is necessary for any site so we should look for a support plugin. A plugin that has good features and in addition to features, also has a good appearance and user interface. Our support plugin has these features. Join us for more information.

Our support ticket plugin has many features that make us better among competitors. Maybe you imagine that we are exaggerating! So, it is better to get to know the features of our plugin.

Surprise: You can use the free version of our plugin in the WordPress repository (click here)

We can boldly say that we have the best WordPress support plugin. These are the features that make us say such a thing:

  • Very beautiful and user-friendly user interface and management
  • Full compatibility with WooCommerce
  • Possibility to set time limit and number of tickets (WooCommerce)
  • Ability to send tickets and voice answers (user and supporter)
  • Ability to register points for each ticket by the user
  • Ability to view the number of tickets and the average supporters’ score
  • Full compatibility with the Dokan plugin
  • Telegram and E-mail notification
  • Ability to extend user support
  • Build a department by forcing product selection
  • Ability to insert custom fields for ticket registration (text and optional)
  • Ability to set infinite priority with custom text
  • And other features that we will explain in the following…


WordPress support plugin with full WooCommerce compatibility

The support ticket plugin wordpress is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.


nirwp support ticket description support ticket plugin description ticket plugin description

support plugindescription


In the image above, you are briefly acquainted with the important features of this WordPress plugin, but in the following, we will fully explain them and introduce new items that may meet your needs.

With the Infinite Support Ticket plugin, easily send the ticket between the supporter and the user, and also attach as many files and images as you want with your tickets. Most importantly, it is possible to send voice instead of text so you can send your message much faster.


Ability to limit the number and time

A necessary thing needed to manage support is to limit the number of tickets sent and the support time. This feature of the support ticket plugin helps you a lot to easily manage the amount of support to users and each product will have a certain amount and time for support.

By doing this, you can specify that a product has one month of support with a maximum of 20 tickets and a product has two months of support with a maximum of 30 tickets, and many other things that can be done with this possibility. After this amount expires, the user can no longer send tickets.

If this restriction expires and the user cannot get a ticket, a message will be displayed to the user that, in addition to notifying, allows support to be extended to the amount you specified, and users can easily renew it by paying fee and take advantage of your support.


Full compatibility with WooCommerce plugin

We claim that WooCommerce support plugin, because of its WooCommerce support features for stores, is the best one. Compatibility with WooCommerce allows you to create a separate support for each of your WooCommerce products so that users can ask questions about each product individually. There is also no need to define a payment gateway to extend support, and with only one private WordPress product, users will be able to pay as they purchase other products.


Very beautiful and user-friendly environment

Add beauty to your site with the Support Ticket plugin. We say this sentence because we have done our best to preserve the beauty as well as the facilities. Both the WordPress management environment and the user environment of your customers and users have very beautiful and user-friendly graphics, and all the principles of UX and UI have been observed to give you and the user the pleasure of use. We have also divided the tickets into four modes with a beautiful appearance so that you can easily access the required tickets that you have to reply.


Coordinate the support ticket plugin with the Dokan plugin

You will no longer have the problem of supporting products that you are not fully aware of and that you are not the seller of, because we have fully integrated the advanced support ticket plugin with the Dokan multi-vendor plugin.

With this possibility, you can link the tickets of each product to the seller of that product and safely only monitor as a site administrator and do not worry about the complexity of supporting your products.


Ability to create infinite supporters and departments

In the advanced support plugin, you can define infinite support department and infinite supporters and give each department one supporter. This will completely support your site support and no customer will be dissatisfied with the support.

Note that in this advanced version of the ticket you can add multiple supporters to a department so that the tickets are distributed among several people and the entire volume is not placed on one supporter. You can also force the product selection for a supporter so that users can send a ticket if they buy the product.


Possibility of advanced search in tickets

Usually as the number of tickets increases, you may have trouble finding a particular ticket and spend a lot of time finding it. You will have no problem finding a specific ticket in this support plugin because you can search for your tickets by title or ID and easily access the ticket you want.


Note that this plugin requires the installation of Source Guardian on your hosting (this feature is almost default on most hosting services worldwide, and if it’s not available, you can request activation by submitting a ticket). Also, the PHP version must be set between 7.4 to 8.1

Please note that this plugin can only be activated on one domain.

Customer reviews

Peter Allen

Peter Allen

Hello I have used this product for about three weeks, it is really great. I got the free version first and when I got used to it I quickly bought the advanced version

Emily Jackson

Emily Jackson

If you are in doubt about buying the product, use the trial version. I am very satisfied with it and it has made it easier for me to support the site's products



version 2.4.5

Coordination of support information section with version 6 of WordPress
Ability to view user purchase information
Ability to view other user tickets

version 2.4

Fixed reported problems
Send a voice message to the user in the management response section

version 2

The possibility of automatically closing the ticket within a certain period of time
Ability to enter points for each ticket
The possibility of viewing the number of tickets and the average score of the supporters

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    This product is very good
    i buy this for some site

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