Techniques to increase click-through rates


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Techniques to increase click-through rates | by reading this article and applying its steps you can boost the SEO of your website.

What is the click-through rate or CTR?

Reaching the target audience and attracting their attention is a goal that the owners of various websites are always looking for and striving for. But this happens when your website is attractive enough for internet users to click. If you can convince the user to click on the links to your website be using techniques to increase click-through rates, the website clicks or CTR will increase and you will reach your goal. In fact, one of the topics that has become an important topic in search engine optimization today is increasing site clicks. But what is the click-through rate? What is the abbreviation CTR? What is the role of CTR in SEO? How will increasing click-through rate affect website optimization?


These are the questions that arise in the field of click-through rates.. If you want to know more about clickthrough rate (CTR) and find answers to your questions in this regard, stay tuned for the rest of this article. In this article, we will examine the concept of CTR and its role in SEO from the Nirwp knowledge base.


  • What is CTR? (What is the abbreviation CTR?)
  • How is the click-through rate calculated?
  • What is a normal click rate?
  • What is the role of click-through rate in SEO?
  • What is click rate optimization?
  • What is Google click advertising and the role of click-through rate in it?

Before we get started, let’s get acquainted with the general definitions and concept of CTR.


What is CTR?

In the digital world, there are so many criteria that can be used to control and improve the performance of your website. CTR is one of the main metrics that has been proposed so far. But what is the click-through rate?

First of all, let’s get a little familiar with the concept of CTR. CTR stands for Click Through Rate. This metric is used to calculate the number of clicks made by users on ads, links or keys.

In fact, with the help of CTR, you can determine how much Internet users have been attracted to the content of your website and clicked on it. Eventually all of these clicks will cause users to enter your website. This is exactly what your website aims to achieve and strive to achieve. As a result, high click-through rates directly affect a website’s success rate.


How is the click-through rate calculated?

Given the prominent role of CTR (abbreviation of Click Through Rate) in the success rate of a website in search engines, it should be possible to calculate it correctly. According to the algorithms introduced by Google, you have to divide the number of each unique click on the contents of your website in the Google search results by the number of impressions to get the click-through rate of your website. The formula that you can easily calculate the click-through rate or CTR of your website is as follows:

Click rate = Total clicks / Total number of views

But now the question is, what is the number of display (impressions)? The number of times your content is displayed in search engine results is known as impression. You must be wondering what is the difference between the number of impressions and the click-through rate? Do not worry, because we will continue to examine this issue.

What is the difference between CTR and Impression?

Sometimes internet users see your website content in search results but do not click on it. This is why if you calculate the total number of clicks in relation to the total number of views, you can get the CTR of your website.

Of course, keep in mind that you do not need to calculate click-through rate or CTR manually. There are currently many tools that you can use to get all the information you need to optimize your website, one of which is CTR information. Google Analytics or Google Search Console is the most well-known of these tools. By registering the site in the Google console, you can easily check the statistics related to the total number of clicks, the total number of impressions and your click rate.


What is a normal click rate?

  • Natural click-through rate refers to traffic that naturally and completely normally views the links of your website content in search engine results and clicks on them to enter your website.
  • In SEO and content optimization, all efforts are made to persuade people to click on the links related to their website. This is why click-through rate or CTR has become a fundamental principle in SEO.
  • By trying to improve and optimize the performance of your website, people try to convince users to choose and click on their website among all the other similar results displayed in search results. If this happens, the click-through rate will increase significantly.

Natural traffic is one of the most important types of traffic that can come to your website, because:


  • Google search engine has the most traffic and Internet users have high trust in this platform.
  • Google uses very strict algorithms to rank the content it displays. As a result, if your website can be part of the first 5 results of a keyword search, it indicates that your content is of very high quality.
  • Getting to the right place in search results may be difficult and time consuming at first. But if you can get to the top 5 of Google search results over time, it means that you have been able to gain Google trust. So, you can enjoy the benefits, one of which is a natural increase in click-through rate or CTR, in the long run.
  • According to research, the results of the first page of Google (the first 10 results) receive 92% of all Google traffic for a specific keyword. Gaining the right place can lead to higher CTR and higher traffic for you.
  • According to statistics released by Google, about 33% of natural traffic clicks occur on the top 5 Google content.
  • What is the click-through rate?

On the other hand, you will be able to bring traffic to your website for a certain fee. In this case, you should use click-through ads, the most famous of which is Google click-through ads (PPC). In this case, the content of your website is exposed to your audience in the form of ads, and with each click that is made on them, you pay a certain fee to the platform on which the ads are displayed. In fact, the click-through rate or CTR plays a major role in calculating the cost of advertising.


What is the role of click-through rate in SEO?

Imagine that you create a content and that content is displayed in search engine results. What exactly happens if thousands of people see your content in Google search results but do not click on it? Obviously, no one can find out about the services or products that your website offers through a Google search or other search engines. So, all your efforts for SEO will be in vain. In fact, it is the click-through rate (CTR) that determines the end result of your SEO performance and brings you a return on investment (ROI).


This is why CTR is one of the main metrics that you should pay special attention to when optimizing your website. If you can produce content that appeals to your online audience, you can persuade them to click on it. This is exactly what is known as click-through rate or CTR. Google is also looking for websites that are attractive to users and have good content in their view.


As a result, the higher the number of clicks on your website content, the better your ranking will be in Google search results. Of course, do not forget that click-through rate is not the only criterion that Google wants. You must first produce fully optimized and SEO content. The click-through rate (CTR) also increases as a result of the relevance of your content.


What is click rate optimization?

In order to increase the site click-through rate, you should try to optimize it. CTR optimization is directly related to content optimization. If you want to increase your clicks, you need to focus on your content SEO. The content of your website should be optimized enough and at the same time it should be attractive enough. It is best to take the following steps to optimize your click-through rate:


  • In the first step, in order to increase the site’s click-through rate, you should be able to get the initial rankings of Google search results, and this happens when your content is in accordance with the defined algorithms of Google.


  • In the second step of increasing the site click rate, you should focus on the content that you display in the results to your contacts. Content should be attractive enough to Internet users to persuade them to click on it to read more. Therefore, you should be careful about your title, keyword and short description as important tools to increase click-through rate.


What is Google clicking advertising and the role of click-through rate in it?

One of the digital marketing methods introduced by Google is click advertising. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. In this type of advertising, click-through rate or CTR plays a very important role in the cost of payment. Google will display the link you want in its initial results for a fee. In this type of advertising, the word Ad is placed next to your website address, which stands for Advertising and indicates that the link is advertising.

In Google click ads, you have to pay a fee for every click on your content. The traffic that enters your website this way is paid and is different from the natural traffic that they find by searching your website. It can be used to promote your website and increase sales.

Click-through Rate (CTR) stands for Click Through Rate plays a very important role in the success of a website. The more clicks a website gets and the more traffic it receives, the better the site gets. Therefore, increasing the site’s click-through rate is one of the most key ways to improve the site’s position in Google results and improve the site’s ranking. That is why in SEO there is a lot of emphasis on methods to increase the click-through rate or CTR of the site. In this article from the Nirwp Knowledge Base, we have tried to acquaint you with the concept of what click-through rate is and answer any questions that may have arisen in your mind about it. We hope you enjoy the CTR concept and click-through techniques.  Share your experiences with us.

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